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Clay Cure Premium Green Clay 500g

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This Clay, considered The Queen of Clays, is characterized by the presence of the purest and highest concentration of Montmorillonite, more than 97% of the total mineral. Rich in trace elements and mineral salts, this premium green clay has a naturally high alkalinity of 8.8ph and strong negative ionic charge. It possesses high adsorbent power that allows it to draw toxic substances and impurities from the body (pollutants, allergen, pathogens). It remineralizes cells and tissues, soothes and purifies the digestive tract and supports nutrient assimilation.

This remarkable clay and its incredible properties work wonders to stimulate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate cells and tissues, making it ideal for skin care.

Suitable for normal to greasy skin.

100% Pure Naturally Dried, From the hills of  Sardinia

Ingredients: 100% Green Montmorillonite

Size: 500g

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