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About us

We strive to offer honest, safe and effective products to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. Our goal is to make the choice of natural products easy and accessible for everyone.



All of our skin, body and hair care products are mixed and bottled in the British Isles. We only trade with local companies who source locally wherever possible and employ fair trade and ethical practices for any international sourcing.

  • It’s better for you- products are fresher when they get to you
  • It’s better for the UK - you are helping to support small to medium UK businesses
  • It’s better for the planet - some ‘eco’ products travel through two or three different continents before they reach you- that’s a pretty big carbon footprint! Ours are never more than a days' drive from where they were made.
  • It’s better for us - we can order in small quantities, to keep things fresh and relevant. We can contact the makers directly for any queries or issues.





Did you know that a product only needs to have 3% Organic ingredients to call itself ‘Organic’ on the label, the rest of the ingredients can be anything? We only stock companies that state the percentage of Organic ingredients they contain, and we look for a minimum of 70%.

We don’t like companies that put a few natural ingredients in a base of petro-chemicals and try to pass if off as ‘Natural’, we investigate all of the ranges that we sell to make sure they are doing what they claim.

We like companies that use natural ingredients at therapeutic doses, not just as a fragrance. Our products are as effective as they are safe and gentle.

The Fresher The Better - our products aren’t laden with preservatives and are packed full of lovely, natural ingredients so we don’t want them sitting around. We order in small batches to keep things fresh on our shelves. Wherever possible, we order directly from the maker so that our stock is always fresh from the source.




We will not purchase any products that have been tested on animals (except the human, friends and family, volunteer variety of animal), or that use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

We have a wide range of Vegan products in all of our departments.




We believe in Green

In everything we do and every purchase we make, we consider it’s environmental impact.

All of our suppliers are Green and Eco-friendly too. To work with us, you have to be nice to the environment.




We believe in value for money

We don’t like fancy marketing and gimmicks so we make sure that the value of the item is in the bottle, not the marketing. We only work with companies that we know and trust.


We try to cater to every budget, and we select the best value of each price range.




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