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Pure Nuff Stuff Sun Cream SPF20

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We have blended microfine Titanium Dioxide with sweet almond oil to make a light body lotion that applies smoothly, moisturising as it goes and spreading the layer of sun protection evenly. It's unscented because so many essential oils are photosensitising (in other words, they promote burning of the skin – not the point of this product).

We don't use nano-particulate Titanium Dioxide. Our microfine version sits on the surface of the skin and is unable to sink in, offering you very effective protection. It does mean there's a very, very slight whitening effect on the surface of the skin, but we think this helps you to make sure it's evenly applied. 

When choosing your sun cream, It's helpful to know that there isn't a standard in terms of the SPF ratings between companies. So, for example, one brand's SPF10 does not offer exactly the same level of protection as another brand's SPF10, it's only a differentiating factor that applies within one company or range. Shocking isn't it?  It does make it ridiculously hard for consumers to make an informed choice.  

Knowing this, we decided to create what we considered would be an effective cream for use on the most sensitive people knew, so we tested it on Emily first. With her red hair and skin more of a light blue in natural colour than white, she's always jokes that she burns under Christmas lights, so it was the best test we could think of. Armed with a bottle, she went off to the beach in the hot Cornish sun and tried out the cream. We knew we were on to something good when she didn't burn, but instead actually attained a shade of the lightest brown for the first time in her adult life. Helen was then confident enough to test it out on herself and her little ones (all four of them, one a baby) in the same conditions – and, of course, under her constant watchful eye. It's dreadful really, the days we had to spend on the beach to test this product but, hey, we're willing to go the extra mile for you! So with all this in mind, and with the help of our independent chemist, we decided on the number 20 for the SPF protection, giving you a good indication of the level of protection on offer.

In all seriousness, though, this doesn't mean that it's a total sun block and that normal, sensible precautions don't apply. You should still re-apply the cream liberally and often, always after swimming and always limit your exposure to the sun.  

Size: 250 ml

INGREDIENTS:Water (Aqua), Titanium Dioxide, Emulsifying Wax, Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), Glycerine (Vegetable Glycerine), Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate)