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Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds

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Simple Gentle Organic Cotton Buds are perfect to use by the whole family. 

Thera are ideal for carefully drying your baby's fingers, toes and around the eyes, nose and outer ear. Great for removing dirt and grime or gently cleaning areas around cuts and grazes.

They can also be used to apply salves and ointments, particularly to sensitive places.  

Organic Cotton Buds are ideal for applying or removing make-up. 

Simply Gentle cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified. 

Organic Cotton farming is not only less destructive to the environment, but provides a better income for farmers and is a sustainable long term. 

These buds are produced on bio-degradable paper card sticks. Standards buds are made with plastic sticks which are a major pollutant among washed-up waste on the Sea Shores. 

Soil Association Certified.  


Using cotton buds to remove earwax can cause permanent deafness.

If you or your baby are suffering from itchy or painful ears you are advised to visit your doctor rather than try to fix the problem yourself. Ignoring the warning and using cotton buds risks perforating the eardrum, causing bleeding and temporary hearing loss.

Wax is actually a beneficial self cleansing mechanism that contains protecting antibacterial and lubricating properties.Therefore, it should not normally be removed and naturally migrates out of the ear canal itself, helped by the chewing motion of the jaw.

Size: 200 per pack