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Home Scents Pillow Spray - Bedtime Bliss

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Home Scents Pillow Spray - Bedtime Bliss

100% Natural - Non toxic - No Alcohol - No Synthetics

Pure essential oil Aromatherapy pillow spritzer.

Bedtime Bliss is a blend of Lavender, Valerian and Ylang ylang essential oils help soothe sleep problems and mental stress, restoring a sense of balance to the spirit and enabling inner peace.
● Lavender brings deep relaxation and supports the spirit
● Valerian stabilises erratic and scattered energy
● Ylang Ylang helps to lift your mood

Simply spritz your pillow before settling down at night.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, Vitamin E and our unique blends of pure essential oils.
N.B. If you suffer with epilepsy or are pregnant please check with your doctor before using.