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Eco Bath

At The Eco Bath, their business philosophy sourcing and working with eco-friendly, natural, sustainable body care and bath accessories products and suppliers. They do take environmental issues very seriously and working towards zero plastic packagings in all their prhoducts.

They currently using paper packaging made from recycled paper and other biodegradable materials. All ingredients they use been sourced from reputable, well-known sources with all required documentation.

They hold the utmost respect for the earth where their materials come from. That is why they run their own organic farm to grow their loofahs for scrubbing and bayberries for soaps. They source certified organic cotton, FSC-certified wood, and responsibly-farmed sea-sponges.

When it comes to the creation and choosing of their stock lines, at Eco Bath London, they believe in not only offering you the best but also supplying you with products, which are ethically made from sustainable sources.

They are proud to say that none of our Eco Bath London products are tested on animals. Even with our product lines, they strive to ensure that no animal has been harmed or tested on during its creation.