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Simply Gentle

Simply Gentle is brand of Macdonald & Taylor Healthcare Ltd, a company which was founded in 1930 as a cotton wool manufacturer, building on many years experience of handling non woven-materials. 

They now specialise in the design and manufacture of products for personal care and personal and protective clothing. The business is privately owned, offering a broad range of products to a blue chip customer base. They have modern manufacturing capabilities at their Warrington premises and strategic alliances with manufacturers around the world.

Simply Gentle Organics has a huge positive impact on our planet, supporting the growth and production or organic cotton in up to 20 countries worldwide. 

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Smarter production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and hazardous pesticides and fertilizers, and builds a more sustainable agriculture. Growing organic cotton requires far less water and energy to grow than conventional cotton, what this means is water pollution is reduced by up to 98% and CO2 emissions is cut by up to 94%. This has a great impact on local areas, improving welfare of towns, farmers, workers, wildlife on eco-systems.

Conventional cotton is farmed using around 25% of the world’s insecticides, that’s more than any other crop in the world, and 10% of the world’s pesticides; a crazy amount just for one crop.

All these chemicals can be deadly. Pesticides poison farmers and factory workers have to breathe in their fume’s day in, day out during the manufacturing process. Each year up to 20,000 deaths are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries and a further 10,000 farmers in the US die from cancers related to these dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are washed off in heavy rain, which then flows into rivers, waterways and lakes, poisoning local wildlife. According to the US fish and Wildlife Service, pesticides kill at least 67 million birds annually just in the US alone.

Pesticide are being found in our food, farm animals, and even breastmilk. There is not just a great concern that these chemicals are lead causes of thousands of cases of cancer in adults daily, but they are especially harmful to young children as it increases the chances of developing debilitating neurodevelopment effects.

Still, less than 1% of cotton is grown organically and it will remain so unless more people and brands make the change to a happier, healthier and a more sustainable source of cotton materials.

Simply Gentle is innovative company which produces cotton wool products, PittaPatta children's toiletries, maternity products. Their cotton products are made of 100% Soil Association approved organic, sustainable and eco-friendly cotton and they care about reducing plastic in their packaging. They have just launched their baby toiletry PittaPatta range in sugarcane tubes. They have taken the plastic out of our paper stem buds boxes and are moving to a PE bag made from recycled PS. The next stage is to develop a paper bag for our cotton wool products. 

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