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REN is brand which says yes to natural bio-actives, that help skin help itself. No to harsh chemicals. No to waste.

The importance of clean.

Looking good + doing good = feeling good. Should be simple, right? But some conventional skincare can actually harm your skin. And, our planet. They are on a mission to change that, all by being clean.

Clean to Skin.

What goes on your body is key. They choose only bio-actives that benefit skin health, and ingredients that protect the efficacy of the formula and make it a pleasure to use. The result? Clean, safe skincare, with no toxins, no harsh or controversial chemicals, and no potential irritants - ever.

REN’s approach is to make Clean products. By Clean they mean: modern, sophisticated, effective, pleasurable to use products that are free from the skin-unfriendly ingredients routinely used in the skincare industry today. REN do not use synthetic fragrance or colours, pore-blocking petrochemicals, silicones, sulphates, PEGs, TEA/DEA, parabens, urea or animal ingredients in their products.

They are obsessive about their products meeting two clearly defined standards.

Firstly, they must be free of any ingredients that have a history of causing skin sensitivity or are known to be "unkind" to the skin.

Secondly, their products must deliver category leading performance in terms of effectiveness and pleasure to use. If they can't achieve both for a given product then they won't launch it.

Most companies tend to focus on one of these criteria and inevitably tend to fail to some degree on the other. So, you tend to find most products in the market are either "natural" but not terribly effective or they are effective but full of “nasties”.

Clean to Planet

100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, bottles with reclaimed ocean plastic - they are working towards a waste-free future. And to tackle the current waste issue - they have taken action. With global activist partner, Surfrider, they are cleaning up beaches and oceans worldwide, now.