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Pukka mission - through the incredible power of plants they inspire you to lead more conscious life! They will strive every day to help create a Pukka planet benefiting people, plants and planet.

Their organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements are now sold in over 49 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North, South and Central America. Last year more than 500 million colourful cups of organic tea were drunk across the world!

Their mission remains as strong as ever; to harness the incredible power of nature through their award-winning organic and ethically-sourced herbal teas and food supplements. And to create a world where plants play a central role in human health and wellbeing, in the most sustainable and ethical way they can.

In 2017, for the first time, their team was able to map their carbon footprint, breaking down their total carbon output from the fields where their herbs are grown right through to enjoying a cup of tea.

They call this 'crop to cup'. Now they are using this data to inform science-based carbon reduction targets. They will submit to the Science-Based Targets initiative, setting targets to join global efforts to limit warming to less than two degrees.

As they continue to grow, so does the positive impact they can create, at significant scale.

With the steer of the carefully selected team of experts that makes up their Mission Council, Pukka will aim to strategically influence sustainable healthcare, social impact, regenerative agriculture and the climate crisis; driving their mission forward.

The journey to create their delicious teas starts with the highest-quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, carefully and ethically sourced from over 50 countries from across the world.

In these beautiful places they have found herb farmers with a profound respect for and understanding of nature, the soil, and plants. Today, they are blessed to be working with thousands of Pukka growers in over 20 different countries around the world.

These farmers unrelenting hard work and enthusiasm, often in the face of tough living conditions, combined with their knowledge of plants and farming, still inspires them today. They are fortunate to be working with them, creating mutually-beneficial, long-lasting relationships.

Once collected and dried, the herbs are then analysed in the Pukka lab to ensure they meet stringent quality standards before being expertly blended using the wisdom of India’s ancient health system, Ayurveda by our master herbsmith Sebastian Pole. This means that every Pukka herbal blend is created with its associated health benefits in mind.