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Everything starts 2003 when Dan and Mike met at innocent's smoothie empire. They noticed first hand how food and drink were evolving to become healthier, more natural and sustainable. They decided to do something about it. In 2009 they introduced to chewing gum Finish-style containing xylitol, an amazing plant based sweetener made from trees, which great for teeth. After they discovered the world's best mint farm in Hampshire. Product started and the Peppersmith Chewing Gum was born!

Mike and Dan hired few mates and walked the streets of London finding the best cafes, delis, coffee shops and health stores to stock the new product. It worked: Peppersmith Chewing Gum started flying off the shelves and Mike and Dan new business was a reality.

2011 first Peppersmith Mints were launched along with more gum flavours. 2012 more products launched, and more places selling them. They spent the next few years telling the world all about the wonders of xylitol, and finding new customers in Australia, Holland, Japan and across the Europe.

2019 - 15 million packs sold, and despite all the success they remembered their 'Never Settle' mantra and decided that the brand needed a new look and less plastic. They gave you new look Peppersmith: healthy, natural and simple with more sustainable packaging.

Benefits of Peppersmith Gums and Mints:

  • Mints and gums sweetened with 100% plant based xylitol to help keep your teeth healthy. Yes, that's right, we only use xylitol to make our mints and gum taste nice and sweet. We know that it sounds a bit funny, but it's actually a clever little ingredient that helps keep your teeth healthy by clearing away bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Even better news, it comes from trees and plants
  • When it comes to the other ingredients in our mints and gum, we like to steer clear of stuff like artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. That's why they use proper British mint and real Sicilian lemons to make them taste so great. Plus they use tomatoes to give their strawberry pastilles their nice pink colour.
  • Sugar free and low calories. Luckily, the xylitol that they use to replace sugar in their products has 40% fewer calories than sugar itself. This means that in a whole pack of Peppersmith mints there's only 36 calories. Plus, xylitol has a low GI of 7 so is suitable for diabetics too.
  •  No Aspartame. That nasty artificial sweetener that's in lots of diet fizzy drinks. They don't need it to make their mints and gum taste good and neither do you.
  • Baked up by science. They are endorsed by lots of dentists across the UK and the Oral Health Foundation. They are also approved by the European Food Safety Authority who have done lots of studies on xylitol and teeth.




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