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Mood Foods - the creator of Ombar - was started in 2007 by three friends who could see the potential for a healthier chocolate bar.

Their journey began two years earlier, when Richard, co-founder and fearless leader, was inspired to experiment with raw cacao in his Cambridge kitchen. Amazed by the superfood and energetic qualities of this powerful ingredient, he took the first step to sharing his handmade creations with the world. The seeds for a deliciously decadent new chocolate had been planted.

One fortuitous meeting over goji berries and two years later, Richard teamed up with friends Jim and Mike. Together, they brought the taste and goodness of antioxidant-rich raw chocolate to a market ready for something new. Mood Foods had arrived!

From their early days in Richard’s kitchen (complete with a steadily-growing production line), their first raw chocolate bars found a way into local shops - and they never looked back. While they wished Mike farewell to start a new life in Hawaii, Amanda, Richard’s partner, joined the team full-time. As trade shows and wholesalers beckoned, it wasn’t long before we found our first international distributor, all the way over in Finland.

There was just one final ingredient missing. So in a nod to our founders’love of meditation and yoga, our indulgent raw chocolate became Ombar.

By 2012 our long days and tireless efforts had paid off - they couldn’t make enough chocolate to satisfy demand! So they finally packed up from Richard’s kitchen, and moved to our dedicated factory in Cambridge. Fully equipped for production.

Since then, they have overcome challenges and learned along the way. They have continued to improve their production processes, grown their team to 15, and have just moved to an even bigger factory. 

Ombar Benefits:

  • Made with raw cacao. Most chocolate is made by roasting cacao at high heat, which reduces its natural goodness. Because their cacao goes through a low-temp process, it stays choc-full of the nutrients and rich flavours that nature intended. Made with live cultures and free of refined sugar and dairy, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about.
  • Their ethos is to be empowered, healthy, mindful and bold. They want their whole supply chain to reflect these ideals, so they source their main ingredients directly from farmers’ cooperatives and work closely with their suppliers to ensure everyone, from farmers to exporters, are compensated fairly.
  • All ingredients are natural, organic and minimally processed. Some things in life just seem to make sense. Like not using artificial chemicals on the food we eat. And that a plant-based diet is better for our bodies and for the planet.

Their journey at Ombar has just begun. From our Cambridge chocolate factory to the wide, wild world, join us. There’s a delicious Ombar for everyone!

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