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Moon Cup

The story of Mooncup is one of passion, determination, the power of word-of-mouth, and a generous sprinkling from Lady Luck: from a distant time when revolutionary ideas still went viral in the real world, in real time…

It all started in 1999, with one cyclist sharing the too-well-kept secret of a reusable menstrual cup with another at a Critical Mass Bike Ride in the UK. Early menstrual cups were made of tough rubber, hard to come by & strictly for the adventurous.

In 2000, Eileen (the second cyclist from the beginning of our story), met Su who was travelling around Australia with her husband, young daughter, a bucket and stash of washable nappies. Eileen shared the menstrual cup ‘secret’ with Su. The environmental & practical advantages of a reusable menstrual cup struck a perfect chord with Su. The secret had landed in the right hands. Su and Eileen found themselves in a lifelong friendship and with a purpose that they’d eventually work together for.

On her return to the UK, Su started selling an imported rubber cup to friends and friends-of-friends and soon realised that she wasn’t the only one ready for a better menstrual product.

When friends reported some discomfort and the symptoms of latex allergy, Su realised that the rubber cup wasn’t quite the perfect solution. Her childhood with an entrepreneurial Dad got her inventive spark firing. After extensive research, she came up with a hypoallergenic alternative; medical grade silicone; and, in the Spring of 2002, Mooncup®, the world’s first reusable silicone menstrual cup was born.

Today, the Mooncup is available in over 50 countries around the world and Mooncup Ltd continues to pioneer as an employee owned business with an ever-growing, dedicated team.  Thankfully, the Mooncup menstrual cup is no longer a secret, with millions of us freed from using tampons and pads.  Happy Mooncup users continue to spread the word: it seems word-of-mouth has a certain traction with us menstruating folk – especially when we’ve a life-changing story to share!

The Mooncup is a healthy and convenient alternative to tampons and pads which saves you money too. It’s great for swimming, sports and overnight use and because it’s designed to last for years, it’s an easy way to dramatically reduce the waste you produce.

Some of the benefits that make the Mooncup menstrual cup so unique include:

  • A pioneering period brand, smashing the menstrual taboo since 2002.
  • The highest quality standards: ISO 13485 certified and registered with the FDA.
  • Made in the UK by the first sanitary product manufacturer in the world to be certified as an ethical business.
  • Unique telephone and email Advice Service run by medical health professionals.