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Laughing Bird

They are driven by inventive thinking, a love of the natural world and the simple pleasures in life.

They believe that successful body care products need a sound formula, wonderful ingredients, eye catching designs, a first- class chef, simple equipment, neat labellers and someone to keep an eye on the books and that’s them in a nut shell – a team of imaginative freelancers and volunteers who love to make things happen.

The Laughing Bird products are made in their Welsh workshop using low tech equipment surrounded by the beautiful scents of essential oils, our wild garden which is a constant source of inspiration and spectacular scenery.


They do their best to source great quality ingredients from UK grown crops, their own garden and decent companies to make their finished creations the very best.

For their more exotic ingredients, they make choices based on Fair Trade, sustainability and effectiveness. From a fair trade and organic certified cooperative based in Ghana, they buy Grade A raw shea butter. The palm oil in our soaps is Prep™Palm who support the GreenPalm certification programme, an international scheme to promote production of sustainable palm oil worldwide. They use lot of botanical ingredients in their products: rosemary, bilberry, borage, mint, peppermint, etc.

Laughing Bird has wide skincare range from lip balm to body butter! Lot of options for vegans too!