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Hydrea London

This small business eventually formed The Natural Sea Sponge Company which then became a Limited company in 1996. Today they are proud to continue the old traditions of sponge fishing to maintain the high standards of the industry and by working closely with the divers they support the local communities in those areas of Greece and Tunisia where sponges are fished. They continue to run their old warehouse in Kalymnos which collects and sorts the raw sponges. Their warehouse in London still hand processes the sponges in the old traditional style.

The brand was born
In 1996 when the company became Limited they introduced other natural bath care accessories to complement the range of natural sea sponges and so the Hydréa London brand was born. In keeping with the high standards for their sponges, Hydrea London quickly became known as the most ethical and best quality brand available in the market. Hydrea London is now an international brand supplying luxurious bodycare all around the world!

Their Values

  • The Environment and Social Accountability. They are proud to be at the forefront of ethical sourcing and manufacture. In fact this and focusing on producing top quality, functional products is the driving force behind their company. Over the years they have driven the demand for environmentally sound products and helped increase consumers choice and awareness through our Hydrea London brand. They source the finest natural and organic raw materials from around the world and make the majority of their products in UK and Europe. They specialise in FSC® certified wooden products, organic loofah and much more as you will discover. For their Hydrea London product range, they have a strong commitment to ethical and environmentally sustainable procedures in the sourcing and manufacture of their natural body care range. They have been officially FSC® certified for many years which means they have established and are maintaining a chain of custody in a forest certification scheme ensuring all our wooden items come from a sustainable and renewable source in accordance with the procedures and requirements of the FSC®. In fact they were the first UK Company to provide a fully comprehensive range of affordable FSC® certified brushes and massagers for the spa and beauty industry! Their Egyptian Loofah is also certified organic. They source and manufacture the majority of their products in Europe to reduce their carbon foot print and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.
  • Quality and innovation. They take pride in being able to provide the most comprehensive range of high quality eco-friendly bodycare accessories and natural sea sponges at the best prices. Their products are distinctive in terms of: eco-friendliness and sustainability, superior products in quality and design, luxury, functionality, durability and ease of use, value for money
  • The majority of our products are European in origin and made from the finest natural materials ethically sourced in 17 different countries. They are closely involved in the whole production process from design of the product and manufacture to quality control. Therefore they can ensure the products have those extra special details that improve the performance and style.