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Huski Home is a family-run company that creates biodegradable coffee cups and puts sustainability at the top of the priority list. 

At Huski Home mission is to do their bit for the environment, and a little bit more, by providing coffee cups made from 100% recycled material. They are working on promoting rice husk as a viable material and an alternative to single-use plastic cups which can seriously harm the environment. 

At Huski Home they utilise what is biodegradable and earth-friendly.

Rice husks are a by-product of mass production that would otherwise be discarded. Disposing of rice husk pollutes the air. Luckily, it can be reused, at Huski Home it is used to create each one of their products.

Benefits of rice husk cups:

  • Non toxic, BPA and silicone free
  • Leak proof and flip lid
  • Biodegradable and sustainable
  • Twin Walled