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Hambleden Tea

Hambleden Herbs is a long established organic brand with a reputation for high quality products and efficient, friendly service. Their products have won many awards over the years, a recognition of the quality of the Soil Association certified organic herbs, spices, teas and tinctures which have always been their speciality.

Life for Hambleden Herbs began back in 1982 on an organic herb farm in the small village of Hambleden in the Oxfordshire countryside. In 1985 their dried herb range was launched and at the time was the only certified organic range of dried herbs in the UK. With the launch of our organic herbal tea range 4 years later, Hambleden Herbs was fast becoming the brand of choice for the informed consumer.

As interest in organic ingredients increased demand soon outstripped available supply from the farm and the business had to look further a field to secure supply of top quality, certified, organic ingredients. This resulted in a new focus for the business, and a new company being set up to specialise in the sourcing and importing of raw materials. Although the two businesses now operate separately, they continue to use some of the same suppliers that they did 30 years ago, and still call on the wealth of expertise and knowledge of their old partner.

Today Hambleden Herbs continues to hold true to its values of “Purity, Vitality and Integrity”, using them to inspire new blends of teas, herbs and spices that will excite and awaken your senses.

They recognise that their business activities have the potential to harm the environment, but they are committed to minimising this impact.

In securing supply of their more exotic products, they have to source from around the world in order to get the very best quality ingredients. Done carefully and with planning, the impact of this sourcing can be limited. They do not use aeroplanes to fly spices or teas around the world they plan ahead and use ships, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

Closer to home, they are committed to recycling their waste paper and cardboard. Whether that is immediately within their warehouse and office, or via a recycling centre, they will always do all they can to make sure that it is used again. So don’t be surprised when your delivery arrives in a “second hand” box!
They also hate packaging. It is always a balancing act between over and under packing their products. Too much and we can’t sleep at night, too little and your experience of Hambleden falls short of expectations. To try and reconcile these conflicting forces they are always trying to find more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The social impacts of their business are also very important to them, and along with the clear environmental benefits, are part of the reason for buying and supplying organic materials. For farmers to switch to organic farming methods they must grow using organic methods for 3 years before they are allowed to sell a crop as organic. This requires significant investment by them and they need the assurance that they will have customers at the end of that 3 year process. That is why Hambledon tea prefer to have long term agreements with suppliers, enabling farmers to securely invest for the future and continue to provide jobs for their local community.

Through building our business around organic principles they believe that they are able to offer their customers fantastic exotic herbs & spices with minimal environmental impact, whilst also offering a sustainable source of income for a number of communities around the world.