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Fushi, meaning ‘eternal life’, began with the combined cultural heritage of Rannesh and Ria and from Ayurvedic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create pure, natural remedies.

In their London Workshop, they still take inspiration from both the old and new and are passionate about delivering pure, honest and carefully created products. 

They are honest and transparent about the way they do things. As they grow they continue to build even stronger relationships with their global growers, source responsibly and care for the environment. They use paper packaging, paper adhesive tape and outer boxes which they shred and use to pack our orders. Their in-house printing uses vegetable inks and non-laminated labels.
They recycle our waste, reuse our paper and card, and reduce our energy consumption to as low as we can.

Company hand blends the purest, fresh pressed oils and fresh ground herbs in their London workshop, sourcing ingredients from this season’s harvest, meaning everything what is made is less than three months old100% of their products are suitable for vegetarians and 98% of their products are suitable for vegans. No animals are harmed for the creation of our products. They are cruelty free.

In our shop we sell Fushi supplements:

  • Biodynamically and naturally air-dried.
  • Freshly ground by hand in our London workshop.
  • Encapsulated by hand within 3 hours to ensure freshness.
  • Their supplements contain only 100% powdered pure herb and nothing else.