Why Natural Skin Care?

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Why Natural Skin Care?

Did you know that most chemicals added to every day skin care is just to increase their shelf life but they are extremely harmful to your hormone balance.

Is natural skin care really as effective as chemical lines? 

Choosing natural is not all about avoiding harmful chemicals that could potentially harm your health, by disrupting your hormones and exposing you to cancer-causing chemicals but many of these toxins also age you and over time make your skin worse. 

Everything you put on our face should be ingredients that your body recognizes, which will support your natural function of your skin. Versus chemical ingredients that alter or change your natural state with unknown long term effects. This goes for nearly everything you consume too!

And we're so lucky because the natural skin care industry has evolved so much in the last decade that we have some fantastic and effective products to choose from, made right here in the UK. By choosing British made brands we are further decreasing carbon foot print and making efforts to save the environment. 

Choose natural and when you can local. 

Small efforts add up to big results 


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