Skincare starts from within

Skincare starts from within

Anti-Pollution and Antioxidant face care is the current top trend in beauty. How useful are these products? Nutritional Therapist Daisy Connor looks at antioxidant skincare from inside out.

Current trends in skincare continue to focus on anti-pollution and antioxidant products.

Visible ageing of the skin (such as wrinkles and pigmentation) is caused by oxidative stress, which occurs when we have insufficient antioxidants to deal with the free radical load inflicted on our cells. Free radicals are basically highly reactive and therefore harmful molecules and a significant way they’re generated in the skin is through exposure to UV and pollution. It’s certainly possible to improve our skin’s sensitivity to UV damage and sunburn through having good antioxidant status. So logically we know that using SPF barriers to UV as well as increasing antioxidants to neutralise free radicals can slow ageing of the skin.

That means that using topical antioxidants and anti-pollution branded products could be effective - depending on the quality of the ingredients, of course! But we need to look deeper than topical serums alone to prevent oxidative stress.


Skincare from within

We need to think about our body’s overall defence to oxidative stress. The skin is a visible display of our health - we need to ensure optimal antioxidants for the whole body. So, here I’ll look at some nutrients that are used in skincare but can also be taken internally for optimal effect

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Often added to skincare and omega oil supplements as a preservative. Seed and nut oils such as rosehip, jojoba, macadamia etc naturally contain lots of it and they make good anti-ageing skin oils. We can also eat nuts, seeds and their cold-pressed oils. Vitamin E protects the skin against oxidative stress from UV and pollution and reduces collagen breakdown. Since it works all over the body as a fat-soluble antioxidant I take it in my daily multi to ensure a plentiful intake as well as using quality natural oils as a skin moisturiser.

Vitamin C

Currently used in anti-pollution and anti-ageing face serums a lot. It’s well known as an important antioxidant and is needed for collagen synthesis. Humans are one of the only mammals (along with Guinea Pigs!) that can’t make Vitamin C - hence we have to ensure a good dietary intake through plentiful fresh fruit and vegetables.

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol/Ubiquinone)

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and although it's made in the body, levels decline with age. It’s not just an excellent anti-ageing supplement from a skincare perspective - it works in your mitochondria as an antioxidant and for energy production, too. Lots of people take statin medications to lower cholesterol production and unfortunately, they accidentally impair your body’s production of CoQ10 at the same time.


Recommended products


City Survivor - Pollution Protection Daily Multi with Antioxidants

With such a complex of antioxidants, you could call Pollution Protection Daily Multi a beauty formula. Antioxidants work in synergy, some regenerate others, so it’s best to have a complex and we have plenty: CoQ10, Vitamin C & E, natural Beta Carotene, Alpha Lipoic Acid and N-Acetyl-Cysteine - in addition to your essential B Vitamins and Minerals.


Cocorosa - ROSA Revive & Renew Face Oil

The essential oil fragrance is wonderful. It has Vitamin A & Vitamin E plus omega 3,5,6,7 & 9.


This is hand made in London with multiple antioxidant-rich oils

REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

Shields and protects the skin from the ageing effects of harmful free radicals and environmental pollution.


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