No petrochemicals

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No petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are bad for your health and the planet.

How humans can be kind to our planet through choosing ethically sourced & petrochemical free products!

Rivers Remedies only trades with local UK companies and employs fair trade & ethical practices. As some other ‘eco’ products still have to travel through two or three different continents before they reach you- that’s a pretty big carbon footprint! Ours are never more than a days' drive from where they were made.

Our products also do not contain any nasty petrochemicals (the ones that can absorb into your blood stream, disrupt your hormones & negatively affect your health). Petrochemicals are cheap, easy to use and have a long shelf life, they are good for the big companies but bad for the planet and they are in everything from aspirin to plastic to body lotion (the list is endless). We believe natural plant butters and oils are not only the best end product for us to use on our skin, but also offer the best production methods when considering the impact of manufacturing and waste on the environment.

If we start by choosing petrochemical free products and locally sourced (when possible) we are not only being kinder to our health but to our precious planet too. Win win we say!


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