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Akamuti Floral Water: Organic Rose Water

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Akamuti Organic Rose Water is refreshing and conditioning.

Rose is gently toning, nourishing, cleansing and slightly astringent. This cooling water makes a very good facial toner. Very effective on blemishes, a rose is renowned for its ability to calm and care for the skin. It smells absolutely wonderful too.

Superb for any irritation, inflammation or blemishes, organic rosewater is renowned for its ability to calm and care for the skin. It helps to protect the skin and can successfully manage the skin's pH balance.

Rose water is a pure flower water that has been used as a beauty treatment for thousands of years. Akamuti rose water is organic and 100% pure and free from alcohol, additives and preservatives.

Apply it undiluted to cotton wool, apply to the face and leave to dry. For breakouts and rosacea, apply organic rosewater to the affected areas twice a day. Rinse your hair in organic rosewater after washing. Don't wash it out, just leave it into dry. Rose water can be used in place of a hair oil to tone and nourish the hair.

Good for: all skin types though especially helpful for dry, problem or combination skin types.

How pure organic Rose Water is made: Akamuti organic rosewater is steam distilled from fresh rose petals. The steam that passes through the rose petals, releases tiny aromatic particles and volatile oils from the flowers. The steam is cooled, creating a fragrant water with a film of rose oil on the surface. This oil is rose otto essential oil and the water is authentic rose water. Organic rosewater has a naturally long shelf life due to its unique components and if stored out of direct sunlight will easily store well for a couple of years. True rosewater is the finest you can buy. Avoid synthetic rosewater, made with water and added preservatives, additives and artificial fragrances.

Size: 100ml

INGREDIENTS: Organic Distilled Rose (Rosa Damascena).