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Akamuti Face Mask: Rose 100g

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Akamuti Rose Beauty Face Mask is a gorgeous, softening face mask to cleanse and freshen the skin. Precious rose is a well-known skin elixir, promoting a healthy complexion and skin tone. Akamuti rose mask is a mix of fragrant rose powder with purifying,

Akamuti rose mask is a mix of fragrant rose powder with purifying, mineral-rich rose clay and the softening qualities of marshmallow and chamomile for the ultimate skin treat.

Marshmallow teams beautifully with rose and are renowned for promoting an even skin tone and encouraging repair. Marshmallow is a fantastic cooling skin tonic to assist upset, ageing or problem skin.

Pink Clay is a wonderfully gentle clay, drawing impurities from the skin without irritating the skin. Used regularly, this beauty mask will draw impurities and help to improve the skin's circulation. Pink clay is beneficial for poor skin tone and will help reduce irritation and inflammation.

Skin type: normal, problem, sensitive, dry.

Using clay masks: Try using a clay mask twice a week for maintenance. If you have skin problems, use it once a day until your skin settles. When using a clay mask always remember to moisturise afterwards. For very dry skin, you may replace the water content with a cold pressed oil such as jojoba. This will create a nourishing, hydrating face mask.

Directions for use: take 1/2 teaspoon of rose beauty mask and add enough water or distilled rosewater or orange blossom water to make a smooth paste. Blend together to achieve a creamy clay mask. (Make it up fresh as much as you need at any one time).

Apply your face mask to clean skin. Leave the mask on until the clay begins to dry on your face or starts to feel warm after about 5-10 mins. Remember that if you leave a clay mask on for too long and it will counteract the benefits. The clay mask is also wonderful for blemishes. Simply apply the mask to the localised patches, wash after 5 mins and re-apply fresh mask to the area.

Size: 100g

INGREDIENTS: Pink Rose Clay, Rose Powder, Marshmallow Powder, Chamomile Powder.